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Honor Your Placenta™

Professional Preparation Services

Honor Your Placenta™ offers the the Southern Central PA region, including Harrisburg, York, Lancaster and surrounding rural areas, professional placenta preparation services to help you thrive after the birth of your baby.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been utilizing the nutritive and healing properties of the placenta for thousands of years.  Placenta Hominis is listed in the Compendium of Materia Medica since the 16th century.  During the postpartum period, Placenta capsules are believed to aid in increasing lactation, balancing postpartum mood and aiding the body to heal during the postpartum process.  The placenta has been consumed across many cultures including among the Chinese, Vietnamese, Hungarian, and Italian.   

Kristy Wilson, Certified Professional Midwife, Birth Doula, and Placenta Preparation Specialist has strict sanitization protocols which follow strictly OSHA guidelines for Bloodborne Pathogen exposure.  Kristy provides timely and organized service with minimal distraction to you while you bond with your new baby.  You only grow one placenta -   Honor Your Placenta™.

It is best to prepare for this service prior to your birth.  Kristy will discuss your options and the policies/procedures regarding the release of your placenta from your planned birth location.  Having provided this care and attention to families since 2012, Kristy can make it simple for you to plan ahead for you to have your placenta prepared into capsules, salve, tincture, smoothies, or a combination. Certified through the Natural Healing Art of the Placenta (2014), Kristy has trained and led a team of specialists who have prepared over 500 placentas.  Kristy provides a dedicated workspace for sanitary and quality processing of your placenta.  Kristy has only one placenta in process at a time giving your placenta the dedication that it deserves.  

Call Kristy to discuss your options or set up on-call placenta service at 717-523-3033.  Pricing begins at $200 for mail-delivery service.  You may choose to add a personal delivery with a postpartum consulting session with the midwife.  Completion of capsules guaranteed delivered 48 hours.  Service available 7 days per week!

Services Offered:




Frozen Smoothie Preparation

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