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Placentaphagy is the consumption of placenta for postpartum benefits.

The placenta is an organ that grows along-side your baby.  After around the third month, the placenta sustains your baby during pregnancy by exchanging nutrition and waste products between mom and baby.  The placenta is generally birthed within 30 minutes of the baby’s birth. There are a number of ways that families can plan to honor the organ that helped sustain your baby.  The placenta is referred to as the “Tree of Life” and as such it is meaningful to honor it for the life-giving energy it withholds.


We incorporate the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine while encapsulating your placenta.  This allows you to benefit most during the first 40 days postpartum.  Our tincturing process provides you with the option of keeping your placenta for long-term use, such as during the late postpartum period, PMS, menopause, for stress or anxiety, or in times of illness.  Our organic salve recipe enables you to make use of the skin-healing properties of the placenta for personal healing.   


$200 - Basic Capsule & Umbilical Cord Keepsake Service

Placenta encapsulation:  A common choice for its ease of use and effectiveness.  Many women consume the placenta in capsule form. The encapsulation process involves lightly steaming, dehydrating and powdering the placenta and then putting the powder into capsules.  I offer and most recommend the Traditional Chinese Medicine option in which the herbs Ginger and Lemongrass are added to the water over which the placenta is steamed. These herbs enhance the placenta by adding heat and allowing it to be more digestible.  The TCM approach adds internal heat for the postpartum mother. Women who encapsulate the placenta report more energy, an increase in breastmilk supply, fewer mood swings and more rapid involution of the uterus.  Basic service includes mail-delivery service.  For an additional $75 you may add door-delivery and a postpartum consultation with the midwife.


$0 - Add-On Tincture Service

Placenta tincture - Like herbal tinctures, the placenta tincture is shelf stable and can last decades.  It provides the same benefits as placenta encapsulation but in a liquid form. Using just one dropperful of tincture, you can reduce anxiety, improve breastmilk production, and increase energy levels and healing.  It is also renewable, as you can add more vodka later and allow the tincture to rebrew for a few months. It is a good use of just a few of your encapsulated placenta capsules. There is a small additional fee for you to purchase the alcohol and glass jar in which the tincture is brewed.  Tincture takes a minimum of 6 weeks to brew. Therefore, it is best to have capsules on hand for immediate postpartum use while the tincture is brewing.


$25 - Add-On Salve Service

Placenta salve: THIS IS A CLIENT FAVORITE!  I am amazed by how many clients were repeat clients requesting this salve.  A topical balm that can assist in healing rashes, scars and any skin irritation.  Your placenta salve can be used on either mom or baby as a nipple salve, diaper salve, on mom’s belly as it heals, or on any other part of the skin.  I use the bag of waters/amniotic sac which is rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. The benefits of the amniotic sac are enhanced when combined with coconut oil, red palm oil, aloe, vitamin E, and essential oils of your choice.  You may choose lavender for calming, wild orange for a boost in mood and energy or frankincense for improved healing. Have another essential oil in mind? Just ask and I will add whatever we can come up with for your personal placenta salve.

Do you have more questions about placenta encapsulation?  

You may schedule a no-cost phone consultation to discuss your options.  Text Kristy at 717-523-3033 to set up your personal consultation session.

Are you ready to register for services?  It is a  simple 3-step process:

1) Schedule a no-cost consult with Kristy or simply request a service agreement which will then be emailed to you.

2) Choose from the service options below to submit payment online. To keep costs low, you will need to submit orders for each service you would like to secure.  This allows me to operate with a Paypal account and not a merchant account and keep costs a little lower for you.

3) Kristy will personally call you when your order has been completed to confirm your service file is complete.

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